Tools Recommended

I welcome you to hotmh Tools  and Resource section; this is where I list each and every tool that I’ve used or still using in my online marketing business.

Here I also include some other tools which I haven’t used yet or might still consider in the nearest future. I added them because I strongly recommend them due to the fact that they’ve served people I know (partners, mentors and friends).

I want you to know that I wouldn’t recommend to you what I do not trust and love.

My desire is to see you succeed at all cost. There is nothing that makes me happier other than seeing you accomplished your online marketing goals through one of my recommendations, articles or services.


I will start with books as it is one of the essential tool that changed the way I was doing online marketing.


Here are the two books I will highly recommend you all to read before doing anything else.




There are secrets the successful marketers know which an ordinary marketer needs to know to make it BIG online. This book opened my eyes to how we should be marketing.



Wanna become an expert on something (or your passion) and make a living from it by building a digital asset around it? Read expert secrets.


Landing Page Builder


There is no other better sales funnel software and landing page builder which I can recommend other than ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels comprises of everything business owners will ever need to gain leads, nurture them, re market to them, make sales and even build a real estate empire online.

Read my review about clickfunnels here : Clickfunnels full review 

Domain Registrar


Over the years, I’ve never acquired any domain from any other domain registrar except Namecheap.

I so much love Namecheap because it’s relatively cheap and their mode of operation is straight forward.

So far I haven’t encountered any problem with their services. Although they also offer hosting service, but I wouldn’t recommend them on that because it’s not advisable to host your website and buy your domain name from the same company.


Hosting Platform


I’ve never had any problems with Siteground since I’ve been with them (almost two years). This is the only hosting I ever used because this is the best for mẹ

Email Marketing


Aweber is one of the world’s favorite email and Autoresponder service used by several organizations and top marketers.

Aweber is what I currently use on this blog they serve me well.

Great customer service and 24/7 support.